Vision & Mission

Jaycee organics

Our Vision statement

♦  To grow Fruits, Vegetables,Herbals,Medicinal ,oil seeds and  other agri products  under organic and Bio dynamic method and process and deliver the same  to end customers at fair price.

♦ To educate the farmers the value of Indian traditional farming method which are sustainable and commercially viable which will reduce the input cost substantially and increase the productivity greatly in the long run.

♦ To educate the youngsters particularly the school and college going students and the public the importance of organic cultivation which is the future of our country.

♦ To make India a superpower in herbal and medicinal plants and cold pressed edible oil and create healthy and hungerfree nation.

Our Mission statement

♦ Our mission is to make Jaycee organics into a leading international commercially viable organization which will offer value added products to its customers at an affordable cost.

♦ To create awareness among its consumers that their products are authentic, chemical free and safe to consume.

♦ Every one in Jaycee organics will strive hard to strictly comply with the guidelines of organic and Biodynamic cultivation and make the mother earth to retain all its treasures such as microorganisms , minerals etc. in tact .

♦ The employees of Jaycee organics are regularly trained who inturn will always be ready to share their experience to fellow farmers through regular meetings.

♦ Jaycee organics , as a part of Corporate social responsibility employed 75% of its employees who are women from nearby villages which in turn will substantially improve their standard of living.

♦ As a part of Biodiversity activities, different species of trees numbering to about 60000 have been planted and nurtured in the farm.

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