CSR Activities

Jaycee organics is committed to serve the society . The integrated farm created in an extent of about 172 acres has been developed solely by using organic , Bio and Biodynamic manures and pesticides.

All the people working in the farm and the processing unit are from neighbouring villages within a radious of 5 KM and in that more than sixty to seventy percentage are women. We are constantly upgrading the knowledge of the people in organic and Biodynamic cultivation methods as well as for processing fruits and vegetables, herbal powders and cold pressed oil. Apart from our own technical people who are imparting skills in cultivation and processing, we are also bringing experts from outside with vast experience in the relevant field to train our people . Some of the people who are trained by us are being sent to our associate farms to provide them the technical support in the field of organic and Biodynamic cultivation.

It is our endeavour to enlist the likeminded farmers who are interested in chemical free cultivation by providing them technical support in carrying on the organic and Biodynamic cultivation in a profitable manner.

We also provide them organic manure and pesticides processed by us in the farm at concessional price in order to encourage them to take up chemical free cultivation.

Since they observe the activities in the farm during their visit , they are more than convinced that organic and Biodynamic cultivation would certainly be profitable in the long run and that the soil would regain the lost fertility in view of indiscriminate use of chemical fertilisers in the past.

We frequently organise the foreigners visit and training programme in our farm totally free of cost . Mr Jayachandran the promoter has been retained as resource person by Government for 3 districts to provide farmers technique of modern organic cultivation using the mechanisation.We invite the students from schools and colleges who are taken to the farm and physically see the cultivation activities that are carried out and they are explained about organic, Bio and biodynamic cultivation and benefits that we get from this method.

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