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About Jaycee Organics

Jaycee Organics group of companies, founded in the year2012 by two veteran professionals, Mr.K.Jayachandran and Mr.K.Chandrasekaran. Mr.K.Jayachandran is a sugar technologist by profession with rich experience of over 48 years in sugar and allied processing industries. He held senior management positions as President and Joint Managing Director in leading Sugar companies. He is currently a fullpledged Agriculturist and a Committee member in Biodynamic Association of India. He is also, Tamil Nadu state assigned resource person for Organic Agriculture Training and Development.

Mr. K.Chandrasekaran is a Lawyer cum Company Secretary by profession with over 43 years of experience in Marketing and Management in Heavy Engineering industry, Tourism, Furniture and Agriculture sectors. He was the Chairman of SIRC- The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He was also a Central Council member of the Company Secretaries Institute. He was a member of board of directors of various companies in Travel and Tourism, Agriculture, Financial Services, Furniture and Textiles.

Jaycee group owns 200 acres of Organic certified “Integrated Agro Farm” in Udayampuli village, Alankulam Taluk, located at a distance of 23Kms from the down south city of Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India. Besides this, Jaycee Organics group is also engaged in “Leased farming” of various fruits and vegetables in another 250 acres of land nearby their Integrated Agro Farm.

The Farm is certified by Lacon Quality-NPOP/ NOP-USDA, a subsidiary of Lacon GmbH, Germany. Further, the Farm is under conversion by Demeter International, a globally renowned Organic certifying organization. The company is also certified as an Organic entity by Halal India which entitles the company to export their products to all the Islamic countries.

Jaycee Organics is also a member in Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority of India [APEDA].

Jaycee Organics group promotes “Farm to Home” concept in which fruits , vegetables, herbal products and various edible oil seeds are processed in to finished products. The group has established a solar drying cum pulverizing facility to produce a wide range of herbal powders, herbal teas and herbal soup powders. Moringa leaf powder, Moringa tea, Moringa soup powder, Mint leaf powder, Curry leaf powder, Indian Borage powder, Indian Borage tea and Amaranthus soup powder are few products to be named.

A fruit & vegetable processing facility is being set up to convert a wide range of fruits and vegetables such as Amla, Banana, Mango, Papaya, Guava, Pine apple, Lemon, etc. into value added products like fresh fruit cuts, dehydrated fruits, vegetables, coated fruits, juices, powders, jams, jellies, etc.

Jaycee Organics group has set up Wooden cold pressed units for extraction of sesame oil, ground nut oil and coconut oil.

Our project is funded by State Bank of India and approved by Ministry of Food Proessing Industries, Government of India.

All the above products are offered in own-labelling as well as third party labelling as per requirements.

The Farm is producing wide range of organic manures such as Panchakavya, Amirthakaraisal, Jeevamrutham Effective Micro Organism [EMO], Bio NPK, Fish Amino Acid, Fish Proteins, Vermi compost, etc. The Farm is also producing large quantities of BD Compost, Cow Horn Manure, Cow Pat Pit [CPP], Bio Manure namely, Azospirillum, Aceto bacterium, Rhizobium, Phosphobacteria ,Bio Pesticides, namely, Trichoderma viride, Pseudomonas. Additionally, varieties of Herbal past repellents are also made from Herbal Plants in the Farm. The Farm is running a full-fledged dairy unit with native Cows. This helps the Farm to produce Organic and Biodynamic Compost, Manure and Pesticide, by using Cow-dung, Cow-Urine ,Milk, Curd and Ghee, which are extensively used in their Integrated Agro Farm.

Jaycee Organics has also successfully implemented the Rain water harvesting system at the Farm extensively by creating six Percolation Ponds, a well laid out water grid interconnecting all the open wells and bore wells. The canals running in length and breadth of the farm with the check-walls, enable to retain the surface run of water. This helps to improve the ground water level in the Farm.

In order to give the required importance for Women employment and empowerment, a large number of local women are employed for carrying out the farm activities. Further, large number of women are employed and trained to prepare Organic and Biodynamic Manure and Pesticides. This has substantially improved the standard of living of the people in the nearby villages.

The organization has always been and will be engaged in imparting the knowledge and experience in Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture acquired by it over a period of time to the farmers who are interested in Organic and Biodynamic cultivation. This program is conducted periodically in the farm, as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] initiative.

Jaycee group is on course towards establishing a global market for its organic certified value added products made from raw herbs, fruits and vegetables.

It is the organization’s endeavour to run the farm incorporating new methods of Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture in order to eliminate usage of chemicals, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides so as to retain the fertility of the soil.

Marginal and small farmers will be encouraged to grow organic agro-produce which will be used as value addition products and thereby the farmers will be offered a higher price than the prevailing market price by entering in to a Contract Farming Agreement.